Puma also sold this jersey from 2007-2008 season.

Answer by 021 GaNgST3R
Where Do U Leave ?? I Have Puma One And The New One That They’re Playing With Now …… If U Live In Iran Call 02166480144 They Will Send It 4 U . But If U’re Not In Iran U Should Search “Iran Jersey” In Google And Order It.

Answer by Mandana
Try eBay. I’m sure you’ll find it there.

Answer by jogaxbonito2

I need some recommendations that aren’t too expensive preferably. Thanks.

Answer by alexbutterfield
adidas world cup – soft ground
adidas copa mundial – hard ground

they arent crazy expensive. not like all the marketed ones. Puma have some nice mid-range boots too.

Answer by achappy16
adidas profi liga. they only cost like sixty US dollars but they were originally something like 130. i wear them and they are comfortable kangaroo leather, with a great form to the foot. they work well.